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Website Terms & Conditions.

    No artwork on this site (inclusive of original paintings, prints & cards) may be reproduced or used in any form by any p
    arty/persons, or by any way electronically or mechanically, without express permission from the copyright holder ( Jody Hope Gibbons Ltd)*. This includes downloading, printing, photocopying, or shared via an online storage system.

    • All rights reserved for artworks exhibited by the individual artist.

    • The Artist has the moral right to be identified as the original creator of a work and to object to false attribution and/or derogatory treatment of their work.

    • All rights reserved for all images (other than artworks) and text used on the Jody Hope Gibbons Ltd website.

    • Any party/persons seeking to use images from the Jody Hope Gibbons Ltd website must seek permission by contacting first.

    • Any image used, once permission has been gained, must be accompanied with a reference to the original artist with the Jody Hope Gibbons Ltd website cited as the source. The integrity of the image must be maintained and reproduced in full with no edits or cropping unless agreed upon by the copyright holders.

    *The sale of an artwork/art piece does not transfer or assign any copyright/intellectual property right. You are purchasing the Work, but not the right to produce copies of the Work (including photographs/digital print) for publication/sale or any other acts violating copyright.



    Whilst every effort is made to accurately portray all works shown on the website as they appear in-person, we make no guarantee that artwork will be identical to its photographic representation including, but not limited to, differences arising from:

    • Colour differences due to colour settings/quality of your computer/viewing device.

    • Other conditions existing beyond the control of Jody Hope Gibbons Ltd and this website that distort the online representation of an artwork.

    Please read the item description and notes on artworks carefully. Further images will be provided upon request. 


    Works are marked as SOLD on the website once the sale of the work is confirmed. However, we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular item and reserve the right to change the availability of an item at any time.


By using the Jody Hope Gibbons Ltd website you agree to the above terms and conditions and accept full responsibility for any breach that occurs from your usage. 

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